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May 18, 2016

Über Confident

By: Dave Rahn

Not having lived in a major city, I have probably taken less than five taxi cab rides in my life. But since December 2013 I’ve used Über 14 times while I’ve been traveling. I know because I spent 90 seconds opening my Über app on my iPhone and scanning my history. (If you want to know the names of my drivers in the various cities where I caught a ride I can give you that, too!)

Forget the economic savings I might get by grabbing an Über ride instead of hailing a cab. My motivation for becoming a fan has a lot more to do with the fact that—as someone without much experience using urban public transportation—I didn’t have much confidence in my ability to avoid getting ripped off. Call me a “nervous neophyte” if you want…though I’m guessing that’s not the kind of hip label that will boost your own street cred. Here’s the bottom line: Über helped me leverage what little I know (via my iPhone) to overcome uncertainty and catch a cool ride through downtown.

Ministry is unfamiliar territory for many good-hearted, would-be volunteers. They care. They want to engage in authentic Christ-sharing relationships with lost kids. They want God to use them to bring about the sort of life-changing transformation that’s possible when teen mentor investments are made by people who walk with Jesus. But they often don’t know where to start and not enough ministry leaders are thinking like Über innovators, doing as much as they can to make the journey comfortable.

Forget the preaching strategies. As my friend Rick Lawrence says, we need to stop “should-ing” all over people. Let’s get creative, enter into the world of busy adults who can’t imagine how they could add one more anything to their schedules, and help them with all-of-life solutions that might include following Jesus into the world of clueless adolescents. Helping Christ-followers navigate this journey of re-ordered priorities can unleash Kingdom contributors for a lifetime…a benefit that will surely trickle down to the young people of their communities.

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