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March 28, 2016

The Waiting Game

By: Dave Rahn

Problem-solvers aren’t naturally patient. We jump into tangled challenges eager to make quick moves to unravel the knotted mess that’s choking us. The do-it-yourself industry counts on the fact that plenty of us are wired to take initiative as soon as possible. Though we’re resigned to the necessity of planning, our payday comes when we take the right action steps.

This is not quite as true for Hall of Fame problem-solvers. They have learned to leverage time for their advantage. Horse whisperers embrace tactics that require patience. Great coaches or generals see today’s battles in light of the ultimate victory they are preparing to win.

Life is a waiting game. We’re born into potential that will never be fully realized until we see Jesus face to face. Today we taste joy. Someday we will be unable to imagine life without joy.

Sitting in the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter morning dramatizes the reality of living in the “not yet” zone. Sitting in a traffic jam that exposes my impatient self could be just the character tutoring I need to take my problem-solving expertise to the next level. Until I make peace with the reality of what I can—and cannot—control I will make rookie mistakes when I attack life’s challenges.

God is the maestro. I’m not being lazy when I wait for his nod to play my part. I’m being faithful and attentive. My patience is possible because I can trust the One who is ultimately in control.

Today I’m fidgety. Most honestly, I’m tired of waiting for solutions to unfold and I’m severely tempted to take aggressive steps that would at least disrupt the current dam inhibiting life’s fulfilling flow. I want to do something.

Clinging to Jesus is “doing something.” I can wait.

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